Why should you invest in properties on Hennur road?

5 years ago

Why should you invest in properties on Hennur road?

Bangalore is one of the fastest populating and growing cities of the nation today with one of the highest performing real estate industry. The job creation, migration of the workforce to the city, office and commercial space absorption along with the demand for residential housing are all in tandem in the city to take the realty industry on the path to glory. All the sections of the residential real estate sectors operating in the city are equally active with a stress on the affordable sector with the highest of sales in the apartments and homes for sales under Rs. 60 lakhs.

If you think of location and try to track the areas of high demand, it can be correlated with industries and infrastructure in the vicinity along with connectivity which are main parameters to decide for a home buyer. Few areas also are at the top of the demand list and Hennur atop them. The first question of course for the home buyers is the location and the prospects of it, although along with it there may be preferences for a few areas too. Hennur is one of the ideal locations today in Bangalore that home buyers are fond of zeroing in. Here are some of the reasons why Hennurroad is one of the most in-demand localities of Bangalore with property prices rising steadily.


As connectivity is one of the cardinal factors to consider while purchasing or deciding about a home, Hennur road has a great advantage regarding it. Being on the way to the Bangalore International Airport and its proximity to the central business districts of the city, it is also surrounded by IT parks and offices with Manyata Tech Park in the immediate vicinity. The proximity to the International Airport can be a lucrative factor which has a bearing on the price escalation of the area as Bangalore is inhabited and favoured by students, professionals and a global crowd. Over and above that, the vicinity to the Outer Ring Road is another reason why the demand of the area is gaining ground and increasing day by day as you can access the whole city through the ORR.

Employment Opportunities Abandon

Apart from Kirloskar Tech Park and Manyata Tech Park within few kilometers of Hennur road, multinational companies like Microsoft, Philips, IBM, Rolls Royce among many others are present in the area. Such concentration of sought after employers in the vicinity opens the probability of a perennial demand for housing in the region. With more than 1000 multinationals and corporate players in the vicinity, the prices of the homes and properties on Hennur road is bound to escalate year-on-year and the prospects are quite high which allures both the homebuyers and the tenants.

Residential Catchments

Hennur Road has become one of the most preferred choices of home seekers of Bangalore who wants to settle in the northern part of the city. Many developers and residents are seen to have built their apartment complexes with a lot of apartments for sale, being available in the area. Hennur road is a meticulously planned area with parks and well laid out roads and improved social infrastructure with enhanced connectivity and transportation facility.

Many residential catchments with complexes of different categories of developers offer apartments in the area as there is high demand of flats near Manyata Tech Park. There are of course luxury and super-luxury apartments for sale as well with premium pricing. Apart from that, you would also find affordable flats and apartments for sale in the area too at a lower price range.  The market data says the flats for sale in Hennur road offers the price range of Rs. 4,600 to Rs. 6000 per square feet while there are flats for sale at Hennur road lesser than this price range too. The market data also says that the prices of properties at Hennur road rise at a steepest gradient and the appreciation as noted by the market researchers are 15% for the properties and 7% for rental values every year. With this being told, Hennur road remains the one-stop choice for the home buyers of Bangalore.