Affordable eco-friendly ideas to decorate your home

2 years ago

Affordable eco-friendly ideas to decorate your home

An eco-friendly home may be what you always felt is the need of the hour and it’s certainly one as it is for the future generations that we have to protect our planet. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune on buying a home in sustainable projects. Going green is a mindset and way of life that you can always adapt by making a little shift in your attitudes and habits. Making eco-friendly choices like avoiding plastics and polythene bags or even planting more trees around your home can help you exercise your eco-friendly attitude. If you have decided to build an eco-friendly home within your affordable limits, there are few tips here. Below we enlist few decorating ideas that would make your home more eco-friendly.

1. Indoor Plants 
Plants bring life to dreary spaces and would never disappoint you as they would help in rejuvenating your moods too. Apart from bringing freshness to the environment, they act as an air purifier too and help in managing the humidity levels of your atmosphere. Planting smaller plants and trees inside the homes reduce the chances of falling ill and has a positive bearing on the inhabitant’s mental health. You always have an option of choosing the plants that you would opt to keep indoors as you have the choice of air-purifying plants like Snake plant, ZZ plant, Peace Lilly, Palm, Money plant, Spider Plant, etc. If you have a balcony or a verandah you can choose to hang your plants with Money plants and other creepers or even create a hanging garden. If you can plant few trees and create a home garden of your own, it would also give you an option of growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs.

2. Use Energy-efficient Lights 
Using gadgets that Consume a lot of electricity is not an eco-friendly practice nor is it a sustainable way of living. It is needless to say that a fancy chandelier may be a nice to have fitting installed in your hall or living area but it may not be suitable for daily use as it consumes a lot of electricity shooting your bill.

Consider replacing the fancy lights and chandeliers with energy-saving lights like LED and CFL lights. These lights do not only consume lesser power but they last longer too unlike the conventional bulbs. Keep your rooms and the parts of your home well lighted and ventilated so that you won’t feel the necessity of lights during the day.

3. Non-toxic wall paints
Not many are aware that some paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other toxic compounds pernicious to life and the environment. These chemical compounds emit harmful substances to the atmosphere making the air toxic and can cause allergies or skin irritations along with other diseases. As many are not aware, we end up using these paints and it is always wise to check the labels of the paints we buy to paint our homes and choose only the non-toxic ones free of such toxic compounds.

4. Sustainable Décor materials 
Natural materials like bamboo, wood, linen, jute, wool, etc. can be used instead of synthetic materials to make your home eco-friendly. Floor rugs and mattresses made of natural fibres can be an ideal choice for an eco-friendly home. Curtains can also be chosen to be made of natural fibres and upcycled fibres like linen, organic wool, cotton or hemp. Furniture made of reclaimed wood is a good choice as they are not only eco-friendly but pocket-friendly too.

5. Natural Fragrances 
Home fragrances and essence are an essential element of the environment of your home and a pleasant smell can change the atmosphere totally. Instead of using chemical room fresheners which can create many health hazards like wheezing and allergy, the use of natural air fresheners made of dried flowers and herbs or scented candles can elevate the atmosphere to a considerable extent and most importantly it can transform the space spiritually. Such aroma or use of soy wax or beeswax can essentially enhance the esthetic essence of your home.

The Bottom Line 
There are even many other ideas that you can adopt if you have a knack for making your home esthetically beautiful through eco-friendly décor. In making your home eco-friendly, you can of course be proud that you have played your part in reducing the carbon footprints on the planet. Being eco-friendly is more of a mindset that governs your habits and even smaller decisions of yours may have a significant impact on the earth. So decorating your home responsibly being conscious and inculcating these values in the children and in the next generation is even more important as your today’s footsteps determine their tomorrow.