Amazing tips that work to convert your house into a home

2 years ago

Amazing tips that work to convert your house into a home

It is no wonder that we fully understand a house is a structure of bricks and mortar and a home is made of love and compassion. A house may not be mandatorily a home but it has to be converted into one that you love and long to be in. If it is a sweet home you would love to spend time in it, and love and long for it as your home is the sweetest corner for you. The poetic verses that say our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts do not apply to a home. 

Ideally a home should be a sanctum that rejuvenates you in all the senses of the term and you become transformed in every minute you spend in that space. You may be frowning and wondering whether such a sanctum is possible to create in reality where positive energies would refresh us every moment and fill our lives with the joy and happiness that we always longed for.  

It is not a wonder and neither is it a rocket science to build a sweet home even if you may not have the right members to cajole your relationships. If the space is designed in a manner that emanates positive energies there would certainly be a transformation in the inhabitants too as it would affect you and you would long to spend more hours in the signature space that you created on earth and long to be together. Here is how to go about it! 

Make & illustrate memories to make the bonds stronger 

There is no point in storing your memories of your son’s birthday or the photos of your excursion with the family in your cell phone or the hard disk of your computer if you can’t use them or justify their existence. After all, they are meant for refreshing your memories and the bonds you share among your family members that would go a long way to justify the very existence of your family.  

The best way to make your house a home is to cherish these memories by hanging those photographs on the wall and making a corner for the memories you cherish and long for. At the same time, make your home a place for longing memories and invite friends. This will help you to remember the important dates like your son’s birthday when the three-layer cake was baked by your best friend and was destroyed by your dog. 

Use your space effectively according to your knacks

Your space should support the activities that you often indulge in and love to be a part of. For instance, if you are the extrovert type loving to party there should be a space to party and a table where many people can gather and enjoy. If you are a voracious reader or having family members who love reading or watching movies, you should have a dedicated space for these activities. As for few, a dedicated space for reading or watching movies may be important and for others listening to music or sewing or crafting may be an indispensable activity. Perhaps, even for others a space to relax with the pets or an area to create art or painting may be even more intimidating or their home may be reflective of their children’s talents. If you are someone or are a family who loves to cook or give a treat, the kitchen may be one of the most important places. 

Reflect on how you and your family members would like to use the space mostly based on what you value and include these areas in your home layout and decor. If your home does not reflect these, it’s time you modulate your home structure and redesign the décor to make it more befitting your habits and hobbies.

Work on the role and feel of your home

Decipher the role of your home in the lives of your family. If you tend to work from home, your home may be serving as an office or if you teach students from your home it might be serving as a learning centre and an educational hub. In case you do your daily exercises and have made a home gym, you need to make arrangements for it too. Understanding the role of your home would help you in making dedicated spaces for such activities and make it more congenial for such activities and thus make you feel at home more than ever. 

Assess the feeling that you have for your home. Do you feel like spending more time in your home or do you just hop in as that’s the place for your refuge and prefer to stay out most of the time? Is your home organized or chaotic? These are the questions that you need to answer and work on to make it a better place to live in. 

Let your home serve your emotional & spiritual needs

We often tend to clutter stuff and go on buying unnecessary articles of décor thinking that it might elevate the look and feel of our homes. People may try to fill the void when they buy such items in the hopes that these would make them feel better but in reality, it makes the place look more cluttered and messy. Examine your feelings and emotions along with your psychological and spiritual needs and rearrange your space accordingly. It’s always true that it is more important to create connections with people rather than holding on to the connections with objects and articles. 

The bottom line 

In general, we tend to decorate our homes in a manner how we want them to be or how we think how we should use our home rather than how we actually use them. This is the crux of making your home sweeter than before. Let’s be realistic and make our homes more functional which is the key to transforming your house into a sweeter home both for you and your family!