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The safety and well-being of every visitor is our utmost priority. To ensure on-site safety, the customers/visitors are requested to follow the given guidelines:

1. Unauthorised entry to the site is strictly prohibited.
2. Booked Customers are requested to book a prior appointment before visiting the site. This can be done by contacting the CRM team at (+91 8880009009) or by filling the form on this page.
3. An email confirmation will be sent confirming the slot of the site visit; please show the same to the security. We value your cooperation.
4. All visitors should report to the site office/security personnel upon arrival with valid permission from the CRM team.
5. The Safety Helmet must be worn during the project visit to ensure safety.
6. Entry to restricted zones is prohibited.
7. Use of the elevator at the site without the technician or supervisor is restricted.
8. Standing near hazardous areas and/or edges of the building is strictly prohibited.
9. Construction work is in progress. Parents are requested to warn children of the dangers of entering the site.
10. It is recommended not to bring children under 13 to visit the site.
11. Handling materials, tools, equipment or objects at the construction site is strictly prohibited.
12. Causing a nuisance or interrupting staff or labourers from their work should be avoided.
13. Be cautious while parking your vehicle, standing or having a conversation at the construction site.
14. Eating, drinking, and smoking in the construction premises are prohibited.
15. Taking pictures or selfies in restricted areas is prohibited.
16. Visitors must avoid littering to keep the site and its surroundings clean.
17. You are requested to take care of your personal belongings; the company will not be liable for any damage or loss.
18. Your safety is your responsibility, DS-MAX Properties Pvt. Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries at the construction site.
19. External Materials and/or Vendors of any sort are strictly prohibited to ensure the safety of the building.
20. Please follow all the guidelines mentioned above for a safe visit.


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