Why is Real Estate in Bengaluru on the rise?

6 months ago

Why is Real Estate in Bengaluru on the rise?

The global economy has been fluctuating like the old man’s pulse. The world went through a pandemic, inflation, the fall of the Dollar, the war among the powerful and the fall of allies. The world has witnessed so much intensity in the last couple of years that it has triggered a domino effect globally. Nevertheless, despite all the odds, the steady-moving real estate market has remained unchanged. Bangalore is currently among India’s top-chosen cities for real estate.

The recent downpour and flooding in a few prominent suburban parts of the Garden City caused property damage and chaos. This made people worry that the Real Estate in Bangalore would be negatively affected. However, real estate saw a rise within a few days, and the property demand stayed high.


We think Bengaluru’s Real Estate will always grow for several reasons.

Quality of the City
Bengaluru has the capability to grow on all four sides, and it is not restricted by sea, borders or revenue. Bengaluru is a very welcoming metropolitan city which provides educational and career opportunities of all kinds to people from all regions & ethnicity.

Standard of living
The city knows to better itself. The local bodies take matters seriously and take quick action to improve the situation. The modern mindset of the city understands the importance of careers & recreation. The city promotes diversity and tranquillity. From Punjabi dabhas & Maharashtrian Pav bhaji to Tibetan Thukpa & Northeastern stores, various foods are available here, along with the most preferred south Indian dishes.

The city consists of people from every state, yet there are no language barriers. Most Bangaloreans are multilingual, as they can understand and talk in most South Indian languages, along with Hindi and English. The beauty of Bengaluru is its tolerance towards other cultures and welcoming nature. You have your privacy and space to do anything until and unless you disturb your neighbours.

Future Prospect
Being the Silicon City of India, Bengaluru provides the highest number of IT jobs in India. With many upcoming transportation infrastructures such as Peripheral Ring Road, New Metro lines, and Suburban Railway Project, the commute will become faster & smoother.
Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport is India’s fastest-growing and 3rd busiest airport. KIADB (Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board) has strategically developed Industrial areas close to the airport, making it more accessible to the world. More and more tech parks and industry hubs appearing in Bengaluru signifies the steady growth and investment flow to Bengaluru.

People travel to Bengaluru for occupation with many companies and start-ups originating in Bengaluru. They are hooked after experiencing winters like hill stations and almost perfect weather throughout the year.

The rising cost
The land value is increasing because of the demand. Bengaluru has become one of the most expensive Real Estate markets. The increased repo rate by RBI has made home loans more expensive. It is hard for ordinary folk to afford a house in the current market. Owning a residence in Bangalore is a dream which is not easily achieved.

Everyone deserves a place they can call ‘Home.’ House should not cost a person’s entire savings, and one should not spend their whole life sacrificing everything to afford a home. People should be able to live life happily, explore more and be worry-free after owning a home.

DS-Max is one such organisation known for working towards this cause. The organisation provides apartments, with its goal being a “House for everyone.” The company has helped in fulfilling the dreams of more than 22000 families. The company manages to provide homes to people, keeping a thin margin of profit, resulting in properties being sold faster. This is why the company could successfully complete more than 110 housing projects in Bengaluru within 15 years.