South Bangalore – The Authentic Landmark

2 years ago

South Bangalore – The Authentic Landmark

Has it ever occurred to you to ride on the wave of the development of South Bangalore and grow rich? If you have not pondered on this possibility, it’s about time you do it as many of Bangalore’s sought-after areas have become saturated with a lower rate of growth of property prices. The speculators are on the lookout for fresh niche areas where the growth of the infrastructure are the highest with maximum price rise but the investment they deem are lower in comparison.

Such areas would necessarily be around the sought-after places like Electronic City or Whitefield or near highly populated IT Parks like Manyata Tech Park or somewhere in the vicinity of areas where there is a high concentration of IT companies like Bannerghatta Road and Sarjapura Road. It is amazing to note that areas like Hosa Road which is equidistant from Electronic City and Sarjapur Road are gaining more popularity with increased residential catchments and infrastructural growth only to the delight of the real estate speculators and investors who are investing heavily in this area.

According to the price rise in the area has been a whopping 34.7% year on year which is undoubtedly phenomenal and goes to say your investment would double in less than three years. The average price range per square foot in the area is from Rs. 3,632 to Rs. 7, 950. The prospects of the area are so bright that you would find numerous established and top real estate brands building their projects with many skyscrapers peeping into the sky.

The major reason why the area attracts both investors, developers and home seekers is its proximity to the IT hubs and offices at Electronic City and Sarjapur road. Apart from these, the connectivity of the area is superb with Sarjapur road, Hosur road and Hosa road and multiple metro stations in the vicinity. Hebbagudi metro station is just about a couple of kilometers away from the Hosa road junction with other metro stations of the yellow line in the area like Electronic City and Huskur Road. It undoubtedly goes beyond saying that the proximity to Metro stations would help in escalating the property prices in the area once the metro railway is operational. Apart from the metro connectivity, the area has numerous bus stops with a railway station too with direct connectivity to the Kempagowda International Airport.

Social & Retail infrastructure in South Bangalore
As far as social and retail infrastructure is concerned in the area, Hosa road can fetch you the best of facilities as the area is developing in leaps and bounds owing to the growing market. The area is dotted with educational institutions like Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham University, The International School, and BRS Global Schools to name a few of the famous ones along with many others. Talking about health care facilities the area is interspersed with several hospitals like Blossom Multi Speciality Hospital, ESI, BN Specialty Hospital, and Medwell Multi-specialty Hospital and Diagnosis Centre and many others. There is no dearth of shopping centers and malls with Coupon Mall, Total Mall, Big Bazaar, and Reliance Trends to name a few of the famous ones with many other supermarkets and markets nearby.

Tips to invest in the area 
The region is dotted with buildings built by branded developers as well as local developers who are also present with many choices for the investors and the home seekers. Needless to say, the price ranges that the top brand’s quote is on the higher side. Yet, you will also find branded developers like DS-MAX with apartments for sale in DS-MAX Sahara which is built in a Mediterranean style, DS-Max Savera with modern conveniences at your disposal, DS-MAX Starline, an abode of magnificent apartments in with all modern features required for a contemporary lifestyle and DS-Max Stonescape for the residents to relish the joy of living to the full. Builders like DS-MAX price their apartments on the lower side as it bears the hallmark of the company’s pricing which is surely worth investing in. As the rate of growth of prices year on year in the area is more than 34%, the investor would certainly gain about a double by investing in a property of DS-MAX within even less than three years. The reason is the prices of such properties are already lower than the market rates, which keeps you at an advantage all ready for you to reap higher returns on your investment.

The bottom line
The wise investor always looks for areas, the rate of growth of which is on the higher side but is also not priced high and is well within the means. Hosa road is such an area that would double your money in just about three years and it is also equally attractive for first-time homeowners. If you think of the rental returns, a property in this area can reap the best of returns. But as they say, the best time of investment is now as the prices are escalating every day and if you delay, you may have to shell out double the amount that you would pay today for a property.

If you wish to have a discussion with a property consultant regarding buying a home on Hosa road near Electronic City, you can always do so to check the investment options in the area. But whatever you do, you have to be quick in order to reap the maximum returns on your investment!